Monday, January 31, 2011

Pro people agitations and Kerala's development

Pro people agitations are not obstacles in the path of development but manifestations of an alternative development model. What was the role of people agitations in Kerala development. Without agitation waht was the faith of kerala?. Debate on People agitations and Kerala development.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Kerala Development Forun on Health

What is the status of the high standards of health we enjoyed due to the famed Kerala model? How did Kerala end up as a land of lifestyle deceases and infectious deceases? What are the solutions?

Monday, January 24, 2011

New Kerala Development Forum Debate on Agriculture

The paths that led us from food crops to cash crops and the price we had to pay for this change. How far are the ruling establishment and general public supportive of agriculture? What all restructuring are possible?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Kerala : Development Forum- Energy

An impotant subject for Debate is Energy. Kerala have large Hydro electric projects. How efficient are we in managing our existing energy resources? Apart from our mainstream sources what alternatives do we have? How far disciplined are we in our consumption?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Kerala: Development Forum Advisory Council

Justice VR Krishna Iyer (Patron)
Other Members
Sandeep Pandey
Ajith Sahi
MD Nalapat
Prof K.A Sidhique Hassan
BRP Bhaskar
Satish Deshpande
TT Sreekumar
Prof AK Ramakrishnan
MGS Narayanan
KT Ram Mohan
Ravi Raman
MT Ansari
CR Neelakantan
Dr. M Kabir
Shaik Muhammed Karakkunnu
K.K Suhra

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Kerala Development Forum: Online Registration Started

Online registration for New kerala development forum started . For registration login Registration fee for each deligates are Rs350. Registration fee may remit through money order/ DD in favour of SOLIDARITY YOUTH MOVEMENT payable at Calicut. Direct registration counter opened at Calicut office also.
DD / MO send to the following address
Apply with self addressed envelop for application form through postal.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kerala development and Human Development

Another important debate in Kerala development forum is Human development
Scrutinising our cultural and spiritual growth beyond material gains. How did the socially progressive Kerala end up being the number one in alcoholism? How does this alcoholism affect our lifestyle gains? Where do we stand as far as development is concerned? What all changes have taken place in the inner family chemistry of our state? Do we consider human rights as a developmental index?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Socio Cultural Analysis of Kerala’s Development

New Kerala development forum conducted by SOLIDARITY on March 11,12,13.Solidarity here looks forward to discuss and nurture up debates over a pro-people development notion. People including researchers, students, experts and activists who somehow showed sympathy towards pro-people development thoughts should line up in the Forum. 14 subjects are selected for debates. Fist subject is
Socio Cultural Analysis of Kerala’s Development
What are the dynamic forces that drove Kerala’s development? In what measure did our development show justice to different communities? Trying to read out the DNA of Kerala’s Development
Welcome all of u for open Discussion

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ttitles and sub-titles that are intended for debates in the Development Forum.

1. Kerala Development: A Socio-Cultural Analysis.

• Role of various social sects in Kerala development
• Islamic interventions in Kerala’s public sphere
• Specialties and weaknesses of Leftist Kerala
• Political parties in Kerala: A social analysis
• Kerala Development: Media interventions
• Scientific rationale in Kerala development
• Out of state labours and Kerala’s employment sector

2. Human Development Index
• Women, children, male and female relations
• Elderly and disabled citizens
• Family
• Communal relations
• Alcohol, drugs, gambling
• Human rights
• Spirituality
• Development and gender equality
• Development and values
• Muslim women and development
• Kerala development and colonies

3. Malabar backwardness
• Union Territories in India and Malabar
• Industrial, educational and health backwardness
• Government jobs; representation, administrative divisions, budget
• Transportation and railway
• Malabar: history and present
• Malabar and Malayalam language
• Post-independence development of Malabar

4. Reservation and Kerala Development
• History of reservation
• Reservation and development
• Reservation in education sector
• Reservation hijacks
• Reservation and Dalit Christians
• Reservation and reserved communities

5. Comprehensive transportation policy for Kerala
• Kerala’s transportation development in line of international standard
• Highway construction and maintenance
• Cochin Metro
• Railway
• Water transportation
• Ideal transportation policy

6. Land reform and land struggles
• Land reform: problems and challenges
• Dalits and land in Kerala
• Land utilization and distribution in Kerala
• Land invasion

7. Education
• Reforms in school education sector: An analysis
• Future of reforms in higher education sector
• Role of teachers and educational institutions
• Health and sports education
• Representation of marginalized sects
• Educational theories
• Resource preservation in educational sector
• Alternative educational models

8. Challenges in health sector
• Lifestyle diseases, mental health
• Kerala model health and challenges
• Commercialization of health sector
• Public health programs
• Health education
• Health insurance
• Prospects of homeopathy
• Prospects of Ayurveda
• Prospects of Unani

9. Agriculture in Kerala
• Change in agricultural crops
• Farmhouse agriculture
• Local seeds and cross bread seeds
• Soil fertility
• Agriculture based small scale industries
• The concept of agriculture
• Genetically Modified crops (GM Crops)
• Organic farming
• Conventional farming techniques
• Food security

10. Waste Management
• Waste management: Individual and society’s approach
• Urban waste management
• Kerala model of rural waste management
• New generation waste: Problems and solutions

11. Financial resources and expenditure pattern
• Kerala’s revenue resources
• Revenues: Tax, NRI, International debt, Industry, investment pockets
• Expenses: B.O.T, Deposit-credit ratio, banks and other financial institutions

12. Energy Crisis and solutions
• Energy sector in Kerala
• Non-conventional energy opportunities
• Electricity board reshuffling
• Kerala’s hydro-electric projects
• Energy sources and utilization

13. Prospects of Kerala’s Industrial sector

• Industrial policy of new Kerala
• Industrial possibilities: a concentrated study
• Conventional small scale industry
• Basic facility industry
• Tourism
• Fisheries
• Trade unions and industrial sector

14. Expatriation and Development
• Kerala model development and expatriation
• Problems of expatriates and solutions
• Employment and human rights issues of expatriates
• Expatriates and family life
• European expatriation and Middle East expatriation
• Expatriate capital and Kerala’s economy.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Kerala : Development Forum. Papers invited

Solidarity Youth Movement conducts a New Kerala: Development Forum on 11, 12 and 13 March, 2011on the development of Kerala in participation of national and international experts. The Forum invites papers in
general on development of Kerala and in particular on topics like socio-cultural analyzes, agriculture, industries, expatriate,
transportation, energy, financial resources and consumption, land issues, reservation, Malabar backwardness, education, health, waste management and human development index.

Entries can be submitted up to Thursday, 20 January, 2011

PB No.833, Hira Centre, Mavoor Road, Calicut - 673004. Phone: 0495 2721695
Mob: 9744944521. |